Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hadley?
Hadley is your 24/7 shopping assistant helping you organize and manage your purchases across multiple retailers.
Why should I use Hadley?
Never worry about losing or storing your receipts again. Save your receipts with Hadley and easily retrieve your order details on any Messenger-enabled device. Soon you will be able to chat with Hadley through smart home devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo.
What can I do with Hadley?
Safely store your digital receipts in one convenient location. View your receipt details, access customer support, and have some fun learning more about Hadley. Soon, Hadley will assist with returns, provide instant order updates (like shipping and tracking), help you find the best styles, and much more. Stay tuned!
How do I send my receipts to Hadley?
When you make a purchase with one of our retail partners, either online or in-store, you will be prompted during the checkout process to save your receipt with Hadley. Currently a Facebook account is required to access the benefits of Hadley. Once you’ve connected with Hadley, all future purchases from participating retailers will be automatically sent to your Facebook Messenger.
  • For in-store purchases: After you complete the transaction you will receive an SMS text with a link to your receipt. View the receipt in a browser then click Send to Messenger button.
  • For online purchases: You will see the option to save your receipt with Hadley on one of the checkout pages on the retailer’s site. Just click on Send to Messenger button and make sure you are logged into Facebook Messenger.
How do I unsubscribe from Hadley receipts or edit my communication preferences?
If you no longer wish to receive receipts or notifications from Hadley, you have a few options:
  • Using Facebook Messenger Settings:
    • To delete the conversation altogether (Facebook provides instructions here)
      • On a mobile device, view your Hadley conversation in the Messenger Home tab, then press and hold the conversation until you see the option to "Delete."
      • In a browser, find the gear (Settings) icon next to Hadley in Messenger.
    • To silence messages or notifications from Hadley
      • Open your conversation with Hadley in Messenger, tap on the gear icon or checkbox icon in the top right corner, and select the action you would like—"Mute [Notifications]" or "Turn Off Messages."
  • From Within Your Chat with Hadley:
    • To quickly stop receiving receipts from a single retailer
      • Open your Messenger conversation with Hadley, then type "mute" or "unsubscribe" in the chat box. From the buttons that appear, select the store/retailer for which you want to stop receiving receipts.
Where can I find Hadley?
Hadley currently lives inside Facebook Messenger but will be available on other messaging platforms in the near future. And soon you can find Hadley in Google Home.
How did Hadley get access to my name, contact information and transaction?
When you purchased an item, either online or in-store, you opted in to receive your receipts via Facebook Messenger. Information you provided the retailer and your Messenger account name was used to personalize these communications.